How To Buy Bitcoin With Mycelium Wallet?

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In this article, we are going to share with you, how to buy bitcoin with a mycelium wallet in just a few simple steps:-

Mycelium is an android and IOS app where you can buy and sell bitcoin through this app. The user interface of this app is very simple and anyone can use this app without hassle. With the help of this amazing mycelium application, you can easily buy and sell your bitcoin in your comfort zone.

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Let’s get started:-


Step 1:- First download the app and create an account:-


  • Visit the play store or app store whatever device you’re using and download the app.
  • Simply open the mycelium app to use.
  • Then go to the “New wallet” section and create an account.


Step 2:-  Create A Backup


The backup Missing button can be seen when you start Mycelium. Don't forget to click it and follow the instructions carefully to create a backup.

Make a backup of your bitcoin wallet before you add any funds. Verify all the information after you're done.


Step 3:- Set up PIN


  • Whenever you use the wallet you need a PIN code.
  • Visit the app and select set “PIN Code”
  • If your PIN goes missing, you'll need to use the PIN code to access your coins. If you lose the PIN code, you'll only be able to use bitcoins.


Step 4:-  Buy Bitcoin with Mycelium wallet


On the screen with a list of offers and click on the location button to change the location.

Inside the “transaction” section, you can easily do the transaction of your bitcoin.

A confirmation takes around 10 minutes to arrive. From that point on, you will not be able to send the funds again until you have received at least one confirmation.


Step 5:- Sell Bitcoin with Mycelium wallet


  • Click on the sell button to sell your bitcoin.
  • While selling your bitcoin you have to do the right swipe to do the transaction.
  • Press the + in the top right corner to sell your crypto.

There is the option to create multiple sell orders, for instance, to sell from several locations or to set different rates for different amounts. You can also highlight your sell order and click Deactivate in the menu above to temporarily disable the offer.


Bottom Line


Hope you like this information, As in this blog we’ve shared everything about the “mycelium” wallet, how you can create an account, how to create a backup of your account, and how to buy/sell your bitcoins using this wallet.


With the help of this informative article, you can easily use the “Mycelium” app for your bitcoin transaction, and still if you’re not able to make transactions on this app. You can directly get the help through their customer support, they’ll definitely assist you. Apart from that, they’ll help you at every point wherever and whenever you get stuck so that you can easily make N numbers of transactions without any problem and you don’t face any problems while using this wallet or application.