Computer Socket MOLD for Sale

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computer socket mould for sale

Computer Socket MOLD for Sale is a must -have in life. You need to pay attention to related matters during use. Computer Socket MOLD for Sale? How should I clean it on weekdays? Let's talk about the usage of Computer Socket Mould For Sale today.

1. How to clean it

1. The method of cleaning the socket is very simple. We only need to use toothpaste.

2. First of all, we need to squeeze toothpaste on the socket, then find a toothbrush used, brush with a toothbrush, and wipe it. You will find that the dirt above is easy to remove. Finally, after wiping, find a rag to wipe the remaining toothpaste.

3. In fact, except for the socket, some switches or small stains on the home can be cleaned by this method. It can be said that it is very effective and simple, and it can also ensure safety. After rubbing, it becomes the same as the new one.

2. Computer Socket Mould For Sale Precautions

1. Common Computer Socket Mould For Sale is mostly four rectangles or five -purpose sockets. The internal structure of this socket is composed of two general -purpose conductive copper contact films, with springs on both sides. When the socket is inserted into a single plug, it can generally be used normally. If you insert more than two plugs, there will be poor contact and interference.

2. If the TV and audio plugs are inserted on the socket at the same time, the TV will "crunch", the screen will be bright and dark, the sound will make a strong sound, making the electrical appliance unavailable.

3. The simplicity of the harmony between the harmony of other squares or the quality of the fifth -purpose socket is worse. The pressure on the contact film to the plug is guaranteed by the rebounding force of the copper sheet itself. For example, if the copper sheet is made of very thin materials, it will soon lose elasticity. Then, the power of the electrical appliance was broken. Press the plug with your hands, start working, and power off with your hand. Over time, light will shorten the life of home appliances, and it will cause damage to home appliances, especially color TVs, refrigerators, and audio.

4. In addition, when using this Computer Socket Mould For Sale load (such as electric furnace, electric iron, oven, etc.), it will also heat up due to poor contact with the plug and socket, which is easy to burn the plug and socket.

5. When using Computer Socket Mould for Sale, do not insert too much plug, especially when mixing with the cyclone and flat core plug, generally do not exceed two. Don't insert it in adjacent places. For example, you have a lot of high -end electrical appliances in your home. It is best to use a special power socket or other outlets with better quality to avoid affecting the use effect and damaging the use of electrical appliances.

computer socket mould for sale