Reborn 80 Koi Wife

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I just don't know how to refuse." A girl has many reasons to refuse others, saying that her boyfriend will be unhappy? So her boss should be embarrassed to continue the invitation. "She doesn't have a boyfriend." 。

You can't say that. No matter how good a person is, he is not a piece of wood. His patience is limited! Jiang Er's mother is like that. It must be that Li Taohong can endure it until now, and you are still uncertain. Anyway, I think she did the right thing. I don't know what happened to Chen Xiang. Everyone said one after another. Even Chen Xiang's forehead was broken by her mother-in-law two days ago. Everyone began to sympathize with Chen Xiang. You must have a hole in your head! This kind of daughter-in-law who dares to fight with her mother-in-law is like a poisonous snake. Still unconvinced, the woman said. What do you mean we have holes in our brains. Aren't you cursing? Let's talk about other people's things. If you disagree, forget it. Why are you so angry? Li Taohong, who had been silent all the time, came over and buried herself in her work, but her voice was not small: "We are not very familiar with the first team, are we?"? Chen Xiang's mother-in-law Zhang Haoer told this aunt that you have a pit in your brain. Mother and mother are cousins, and they are relatives anyway. Of course, she is partial to Chen Xiang's mother-in-law. Li Taohong sneered. Step on her like this, even if she is really a soft persimmon, she should splash her feet! "Oh, oh.." So that's it! Someone turned to look at the woman and said, "This relationship is really a bit far away. We young people really don't know.". Then what should you call Chen Xiang's mother-in-law. Cousin? "Yes, she's called Aunt Chen Xiang's mother-in-law Zhang Haoer!" Another woman also looks at that woman, sneer at a way: "Pardonable, you guide us to go to disgusting Chen Xiang from the very beginning, and you still pull somebody else Li Taohong into the water.." You say we have holes in our brains,endless swim pool, I see, you are the heart filled with ink, black! The discussion became one-sided in an instant, and everyone began to attack the woman. At last she could not stand it any longer, so she had to run to another corner and work there by herself. Heard that Chen Xiang let the village head deal with it in the past, do not know whether to divide into. But I think this kind of mother-in-law is also good. Look at Li Taohong. Now the man has come back, every day more than before the separation of the moist, three children are not as thin as before the yellow complexion,outdoor whirlpool, now full of vitality, like a monkey! Li Taohong: "… …" Why doesn't that sound like a good thing? "Before I heard Liu Dahai come back and say that Jiang Er had an outside heart." But these days, look, which man around here loves his daughter-in-law as much as Jiang Er? "No, no." Aunt Li next door to Wang Daye's family came over and said, "My family lives next to them. You don't know that since the separation, Jiang Er has come back, but Li Taohong sleeps until dawn every day. The day before yesterday, I got up early and saw Jiang Er making breakfast and washing clothes at the well."! Li Taohong sleeps to the sun is basking in fart//just got up, got up to have breakfast to eat! The Li Taohong of one side, the face that is wrapped in face towel bashed heat for a while: "..." These people talk.. Is it used to describe that everyone is so wild? "What kind of man can do that." She got up early in the morning and did everything, and her daughter-in-law continued to sleep comfortably. "If you don't believe me, the pink is here. Ask yourself, isn't it?" Aunt Li pointed to Li Taohong, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,Whirlpool bathtub, who was buried in her work and silent. Everyone tutted and laughed, but they didn't really ask. Li Erma went to the canal to wash clothes today. She had seen Li Taohong, and the two of them had chatted a few words. Now they met again in the field. They felt quite close, so they went over and said, "Taohong, sister-in-law, you don't like to hear a word." Li Taohong took a look at her, but in fact she was not very familiar with this person. But in a team, it is not strange, but there is no friendship, but this person gives her the feeling is not annoying. Sister-in-law, you say. "As a couple, my sister-in-law has a few more years of experience than you." Li Er-ma said in a low voice, "Husband and wife have to trust each other. Women should be smart, but they can't listen to outsiders and not listen to their own men.". Look at your family Jiang Er, a look is a heart in you and the child's body. I see Liu Dahai is mostly a rumor, you can not because of this, really separated from their own men, men's hearts again hot, left out by women, will become cold, when the time comes to really give others a chance, thanks to ah. Besides, your Jiang Er loves his daughter-in-law and looks good. For those shameless little foxes outside, it is a fragrant baboon! When Li Taohong heard this, she kept silent. That's what people say! If her best friend could have been so enlightened after this happened to her in her previous life, how could she have come to that. When people are in extremes, once they are pushed by the black hand again, they will inevitably go deeper into the abyss. Well, I'm not a talkative person, but. It's not easy for me to see you these years, and you two used to be very good. I think it's a pity if I really break up. Just say one more word. If you think what I said is wrong, you won't listen. Don't mind. Li Erma said. Li Taohong looked up and smiled at her. "No, sister-in-law is right. I just remembered that when it happened, everyone around me thought so clearly like sister-in-law Li. Give me some guidance." Li Er-ma breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this! I went back to my mother's home a while ago, or.. I can still tell you. In fact, there was no friendship before. Today, I will say that because I had a few words in the canal, I think Jiang Er's daughter-in-law is actually quite easy to talk to. At this moment, the topic happened to be revolving around Li Taohong again, and Li Erma tried to talk about it by the way. When it was time to get off work at noon, everyone went home. Li Taohong and Li Erma went to one side to wash their hands before walking up the road. I went home and had to cook for the children. Li Erma left in a hurry. Jiang Mingyuan is waiting for Li Taohong not far away. Li Taohong looked around but didn't see her three children. She hurried to Jiang Mingyuan and said, "Fragrant baboon.." Oh, no! Jiang Mingyuan! Go and get Jiang Chun's three back quickly. Jiang Mingyuan's good-looking sword eyebrows raised, the point is not here,whirlpool hot tub, just the corners of the mouth with a trace of smile, looking at her, "fragrant baboon?" 。