Leftover Men Are Poisonous: Senior Officials Occupy Young Wives

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I just don't know how to refuse." A girl has many reasons to refuse others, saying that her boyfriend will be unhappy? So her boss should be embarrassed to continue the invitation. "She doesn't have a boyfriend." 。

He walked over, she froze, others have approached him very close to her, such eyes, can not see through, Yang Xiaoshui seems to feel his lips are coming over. Her heart was beating wildly, and the blush on her cheeks revealed an inexplicable nervousness in her heart. So Xiao Ke came over, opened his mouth, held her lips, and bit her lips. Yang Xiaoshui's body trembled, Xiao Ke had let go of her, and then said: "Call you to accompany me!" "How to accompany?" Yang Xiaoshui asked, "Sleep?"? Do? Or a massage? "Do it!" He answered so directly. With a sarcastic smile, Yang Xiaoshui pulled open his bath towel, squatted down, put his lips close to his bottom, and opened his mouth to hold his second child. Xiao Ke was stupefied and gasped: "Shuishui Little Bitch really knows how to make me comfortable!"! Well, yeah, that's it! Good, very good! Not satisfied with her small mouth, Xiao Ke picked up Yang Xiaoshui and carried her into the big bed in the bedroom. Without any foreplay,jacuzzi manufacturers, she went straight to the subject. Yang Xiaoshui felt astringent pain, but gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. When everything was over and the wind was calm, Xiao Ke and she were lying on their backs in bed with their eyes closed. For the last time, Yang! Xiao Shui said wearily, "Xiao Ke, this is the last time, I am so cheap to please you!"! We don't owe each other in the future! As soon as Xiao Ke heard this, he suddenly came up and pressed her again. A pair of sharp eyes stared at her eyes. He asked in a harsh voice,China spa factory, "Is that all right?"? I'm the ***ing only one of you, and how many of you are on Qiandai? You can't stand it? "It was an accident, and you did it on purpose!" "Yang, Xiao, Shui!" Xiao Ke's expression was cloudy like a howling hurricane. "What do you mean?" I want to leave you! Yang Xiaoshui raised his head, fearlessly looking at the furious Xiao Ke in front of him, and even smiled, "I mean, Xiao Ke, I want to leave you.". We're done! Never owe each other again! Whether I go to heaven or hell, when I see Qiandai, it's my grudge against Qiandai, and it has nothing to do with you, Xiao Ke! In the past three years, I have lost my youth and opportunity because of my love! I was a junior now! You let me review for two years, whirlpool hot tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, let me spend two years in the torment of failing the exam! Xiao Ke, you said the beginning, I will end. From now on, we don't owe each other! You have never loved me, I always know, I love you, but also once, after Yang Xiaoshui, want to live, don't force me, can you? You're dreaming! You want to leave me? I will not allow it! Xiao Ke hated the low roar. Yang Xiaoshui looked at him with strange eyes and laughed angrily: "Oh!"! You, no, allow, allow? We'll see about that! It turns out that after years of ups and downs, the pride in my bones is still not dead! Yang Xiaoshui can be willing to degenerate, but can not be allowed to yield to the wishes of others. Xiao Ke saw her proud chuckle, only to feel a fire burning in the blood, he vigorously raised himself once again into her body. Yang Xiaoshui, you owe me this! "I don't owe you!" Xiaoshui answered calmly. Xiao Ke gnashed his teeth and said, "What are you talking about?" "I don't owe you." Yang Xiaoshui held his head high and looked at him with compassion in his eyes. "Xiao Ke, I stay by your side and look at your face. Your abuse is not because I feel indebted, so I am atoning for my sins.". Xiao Ke, if I forgive you, I will go to the tombstone of Canada! And I, just because I love you, want to be by your side. That's why I'm here for you to abuse and humiliate! I just don't want to see you sad, I don't want to see you fall into contradictions all day long for the death of Qian Dai! Three years, what kind of life I've been living, it's time to clear up, isn't it? "Both are clear?" Xiao Ke stared at her as if he wanted to eat her, and the veins on his forehead burst. "What are you going to do with me?"? Qian Dai's parents have only one daughter. Her father emigrated for her, and his bright future was ruined because of you. Their family suffered a disaster and was widely criticized by the world! A clean girl like Qian Dai has been ruined because of you. Yang Xiaoshui, are you telling me now? Do you think it's possible? He finished, like an angry lion, hitting her delicate body directly. "Xiao Ke!" Yang Xiaoshui cried out in pain, and his face turned pale in an instant. She trembled so much that she could hardly hold up. She felt the intense pain in her body and heart. Her eyes were white. She heard her empty voice: "Be fair. I'm not the one who is slim!"! I don't have a long man. I just want to stay away from you. She came to me again and again. She knew it was hard for me to be a light bulb, but she still wanted me to be a light bulb. It's true that her experience is related to me. My guilt is my business! But really get to the root of the matter, are you not wrong? I just want to live like myself, away from you, not to see you, not to be annoyed by you, is it wrong? You say the experience of Qian Dai, you say the experience of the Yi family, then I this is not? What your wife has suffered is only a few times a night, but I have suffered for three years, for a long time! If you treat me like this, my body will hurt ten thousand times more than Qian Dai! And the pain in my heart is no less than that in your hair! You asked for it! If you don't quarrel with her, if you don't get angry with her and run out,whirlpool hot tub spa, if she doesn't go out to find you, she won't do that! Besides, none of the people who ruined her were good! 。 monalisa.com