Molten rock

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I just don't know how to refuse." A girl has many reasons to refuse others, saying that her boyfriend will be unhappy? So her boss should be embarrassed to continue the invitation. "She doesn't have a boyfriend." 。

Feng Ning shook his head and said, "I didn't open it. I just saw that they wanted to take it away, and the dragon family hid it so secretly that they thought it was important, so I ran away with it." "Since it's important, why don't you go back to the Dragon Mansion and give it to the steward, but come all the way to me?" "There is a mole in the Dragon Mansion. Otherwise, how can they know where things are hidden? The three brothers of the Dragon family are not here. I dare not hand them over. Besides, they chased me all the way, and I don't know anyone else. I just heard Long San say that you are his best friend, so I came here." Feng Ning's words were reasonable, but Nie Chengyan still didn't quite believe it. He asked again, "Since there is a traitor stealing goods and someone is chasing you, how can you escape?" Most importantly, this Feng Ning is a spoiled and spoiled woman, fleeing here alone, he will not believe in any case. Feng Ning played with the lid of the teacup and replied frankly, "They can't beat me." "Feng Ning." Nie Chengyan was sure that there was something wrong with her. He called her by her first name and said coldly, "You don't know martial arts." Feng Ning opened her eyes wide and said, "I don't know martial arts?"? No wonder the people in the Dragon Mansion were so surprised. Before she had finished speaking, Huo Qiyang's fist had swept her face. Feng Ning reacted very quickly. She leaned back and dodged as if she were soft and boneless. Then she turned back and pushed Huo Qiyang's arm on her arm. In an instant, she defused his move. She had no intention of fighting,hot tub wholesale, and after fending off Huo Qiyang's fist, she stopped fighting. Huo Qiyang did not get Nie Chengyan's instructions, so she retreated to one side. Feng Ning shrugged his shoulders and said to Nie Chengyan, "Look, I do know martial arts." Nie Chengyan was silent for a moment. Feng Ning added, "I don't have a bad heart. You can inform Long San to recognize me. I won't run away if I eat and live well here. You can send someone to watch me.". They say I've changed, but I don't remember anything, and I don't know if I've changed. Are you ill? Han Xiao was surprised to see that she could avoid Huo Qiyang's punch so quickly. Now she heard that she didn't remember anything,american hot tub, and the doctor's instinct came out. Uh Feng Ning nodded: "It is said that I did a bad thing to escape and was swept down the river. They found me on the downstream bank. They thought I hit a stone in the river and had a head injury. When I woke up, I didn't remember anything." She thought about it and said, "It's not that I don't remember anything. Sometimes there are still fragments that flash through my mind." Han Xiao took one look at Nie Chengyan. Seeing him nod, he stretched out his hand to feel Feng Ning's pulse. Feng Ning said, "Are you a doctor?"? And a female doctor? Han smiled and said nothing, but concentrated on taking her pulse. Feng Ning let her go, holding her chin in the other hand: "Many doctors have seen it, and I've been drinking medicine for a long time." Speaking of medicine, she looked disgusted. Han Le is also in the side of the heart with a straight nod, Feng Ning looked at his expression happy. "There's nothing wrong with it," Han said with a smile. "Yes, if there is anything wrong with the medicine that has been drunk for so long, the doctors will die of shame." Feng Ning seemed to be used to being examined in this way. "They all say I'm a bad woman," she said. "I think maybe I put on an act too much before I lost my memory. Now I'm restoring my nature." Nie Chengyan had to say that this Feng Ning was very different from what Long San had mentioned to him, which made people feel strange, hot tub manufacturers ,whirlpool bathtub, but she really should have no malice. Anyway, he had sent someone to look for the third dragon. Whether it was true or not, we would know when the third dragon arrived. Three days later, Ryuzo arrived. In these three days, Feng Ning behaved very steadily, as she said, as long as she ate well and slept well, she was lazy all day long, only when she was bored, she would go to the garden to play with the children. In just a few days, she had become the king of Nie Fu's children, and Han Le and the children of the servants loved to play with her. But Nie Chengyan and Huo Qiyang is to understand, this Feng Ning's skill is by no means general, if serious fight, afraid is Huo Qiyang really can not take advantage of. Long San's arrival did confirm Feng Ning's identity, and the box she took away was indeed a very important object, and what she said was all true. But it was strange for the couple to get along with each other, not close, not distant, like familiar passers-by. "Do you think I'm working with those people to rob your house?" Feng Ning's tone is firm, showing a little grievance of being wronged. Yes Long San sighed. Then go back and redress my grievances, or Mammy Yu will punish me again. The name of Mammy Yu reminded both Han Xiao and Han Le. "That fierce aunt," Han Le shouted. "Why, have you seen it?" Han Le nodded vigorously: "Then she robbed my sister and married him as a concubine." Han Le pointed to Long San, and both Nie Chengyan and Long San wanted to throw him out. Alas, so we are sisters, then how did you end up here? Feng Ning is curious. With a black face, Nie Chengyan shouted, "Xiaoxiao is not your husband's concubine." Feng Ning looked at Nie Chengyan, then looked at Han Xiao, and with a clear "oh", he turned to Long San's eyes full of sympathy. Long San pursed his lips and said to her, "This is because Mammy Yu saw that I was seriously injured and believed what Chongxi said. She was not sure." "Since it always causes misunderstandings, it's better to write a letter of divorce." Nie Chengyan seemed to be furious and said it with clenched teeth. Said to write, the two men have a tacit understanding, ready for the paper, ink, brush and inkstone, Long San quickly wrote a "letter of divorce" out. Feng Ning looked longingly aside, as if envious, and finally couldn't help saying, "Why don't you write one for me?" Long three hands a shake, almost did not write the word crooked, fortunately the last word has been finished, he pressed his handprint, pretended not to hear. "It's very simple," said Feng Ning again. "You can copy it and change her name to mine." Long San ignored her,outdoor hot tub, handed in the letter of divorce and pushed her out: "Go and pack your luggage. Everyone is waiting for us to go back." "I don't have any luggage, so I'll write another one while I have a pen and paper. Didn't you say that I broke all seven rules?"? It's a good rest. Long San still didn't hear. He only said to Nie Chengyan, "I have something to do at home. There's no one to help you in the desert for the time being. Send someone to take over the spy." 。