Mobile Office Kit - What to Take With You On the Road

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Mobile office kits are absolutely essential for computer consultants. This article lists some of the most essential items to include in your mobile office kit.

Mobile office kits are absolutely essential for computer consultants. Beyond the technical equipment you need to carry, if you work out of your vehicle you need certain supplies on hand.

Essential Items for Your Mobile Office Kit

Business cards. Don't leave home without them. Don't make them yourself. Don't spend more than $60 or $100. Don't get more than 1,000 at a time.

Subscribe to a fax-to-email service. For $15 a month or less, this mobile office kit essential sends faxes straight to your email inbox.

Notebook computer. Notebooks are powerful enough that yours should be your primary system. This way the key ingredient of your mobile office kit is with you at all times.

Pocket tape/digital recorder. Rather than fumbling around with a pad and pen while driving, or relying on your memory, you can dictate your notes and ideas anytime, anyplace. This mobile office kit essential will make a huge impact on your efficiency and ability to record critical information.

Tool bag with a PC tool kit. You don't want to borrow tools from your clients or have to run to the store just to get a cable. As part of your mobile office kit, put in your tool bag the items you will use to do light PC repair and some spare cables.

Pocket calendar. Don't rely on your memory to reconstruct your auto mileage from your sales appointments. Record this on a regular basis so you can track it later on.

Roll of coins. Don't risk a parking ticket.

Label maker. A well stocked mobile office kit has an inexpensive label maker to replace those worn out sticky notes posted on equipment.
Glossy contact information labels. Don't rely on sticky notes to remind clients to call you. Buy a big roll of glossy labels and put them in your mobile office kit. Give these to clients or prospects and have them put them right on their computers. Next time they're looking at their computer and they're about to kick it, they will see a little sticker with your name on it reminding them that you are the one to call to fix the problem.

Magnetic signs for your car. You'll be spending lots of time driving to see clients. Use your car as an advertisement. This addition to your mobile office kit provides effective, inexpensive marketing. You may even want to consider lettering or graphics as well.

The Bottom Line on Mobile Office Kits

As a computer consultant you will spend much of your time in a car. Make sure your mobile office is as well equipped as your home office. Try to include as many of the above mobile office kit essentials as you can. They are all designed to increase your efficiency and will make working from your vehicle that much more profitable.

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